even if the sky is falling down (misskatieleigh) wrote in rps_spn_fic,
even if the sky is falling down

Stranger on the Inside (John/Jensen) Complete - NC-17

Stranger on the Inside
Jensen Ackles/John Winchester
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4300 total
Warnings: Rimming,excessive use of foul language, not a lot of plot
Beta'd by vunadiwai and embroiderama
Teaser (from part 3): John was sitting on one of the beds, eyes intently watching the small television sitting on the scratched dresser when Jensen came out of the bathroom, towel slung low around his hips. John looked up, distracted by the added light coming from the bathroom, his eyes flickering across Jensen’s chest like he was searching for scars that should have been there.

Jensen held his arms out and spun in a slow circle. “See? I’m not him.”

Part One | Part Two | Part Three
Tags: ja, top!ja
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