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Dean/girl!Jensen - SPN/RPS crossover/AU - NC-17

Title: In Like Sin
Author ze_pink_lady
Pairing: Dean Winchester/girl!Jensen Ackles
Rating: So very, very NC-17
Word count: 5,089 words of porny goodness
Summary: Actresses Jensen Ackles and Jay Padalecki play demon hunting Dinah and Samantha Winchester on the CW's Supernatural. Dean and Sam Winchester are real demon hunters. Dean and Jensen fuck sometimes. This is one of those times. Unbelievably enough, this isn't nearly as cracktastic as it sounds.
Category: Het. *shudder* PWP.
Disclaimer: Alas, I own nothing.
Notes/Warnings: Filthy, Dean-style fucking (y'all know what that means ;D), oral fixation, a great deal of oral sex, rough sex, HET (that's a warning as far as I'm concerned, anyway), liberal use of the C word, dirty talk, all generally sextastic stuff. Totally AU, obviously, being that Jensen and Jared are endowed with the vagina. Crack goes without saying, I think. Title from Just Surrender's song of the same name.

“So lemme get this straight – there’s like, no explosions in this thing? Car chases, gunfights, intestines exploding all over the camera?”

“It’s daytime TV, Dean.”
Tags: dw, ja, top!dw
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