Stella (qwertypoiuq) wrote in rps_spn_fic,

Fic: Man in the Mirror, Dean/Jensen, NC-17

Title: Man in the Mirror
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles, implied Jared/Jensen, UST Wincest.
Rating: So very, very, VERY NC-17
Word count: 5,225 words of pure porny goodness.
Summary: After Dean discovers Sam spent the night with another man (Reflections of You), he decides to track said man down and kick his ass. But once he meets Jensen, he suddenly has a much better idea...
Disclaimer: If those boys were mine, would I really be sittin' here writing naughty things about them?
Notes/Warnings: Explicit real-person boysexing (well, duh), light bondage, rough sex (and I mean rough; Dean decided to be an animal), a hint of angst, wincesty undertones, blow-jobs, biting, lots of generally good, kinky stuff.
Betaed by estel_willow and moment_of_sen.

Direct sequel to my Jensen/Sam fic Reflections of You, although it's not necessary for you to have read that to pick up what I'm layin' down in here. It'd probably make for a more... vivid experience though. Written for moondropz from her porn meme request for Jensen/Dean.

“Fuck you,” Jensen growls, clearly ashamed and aroused in equal measure as Dean rocks down again, his own cock responding to the sight of his apparent identical ‘brother from another mother’ getting off on, well, himself.

Dean snorts, quicksilver flash of teeth as he grins, “yeah, that’s kinda the idea.”
Tags: ja, top!dw
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