shadowplays are figments of their own imaginations (ciaan) wrote in rps_spn_fic,
shadowplays are figments of their own imaginations

Two older fics (Jared/Dean, Jared/Jensen/Sam/Dean)

I've been uploading all my fic to the AO3 over the past few months, and I just realized I had some RPS/SPN crossovers that I had never posted in this comm. So here goes!

Single Sentence Handcuff Porn
Jared/Dean, NC-17
Written June 2007 for wendy's single sentence porn challenge.

The Healing Power Of Cock
Jared/Jensen/Sam/Dean, NC-17
Written October 2009 for the Winchestercon Bad Fic Idol contest.
Tags: dw, fiction, ja, jp, slash, sw
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