shadowplays are figments of their own imaginations (ciaan) wrote in rps_spn_fic,
shadowplays are figments of their own imaginations

Mod post - updates to userinfo and tags - rules reminder

Hi, everyone! I'm ciaan, and I've joined arabella_hope as a mod here at rps_spn_fic!

I just updated the userinfo, as it hadn't been changed since the previous mod left, and still had her email address and stuff on it.

Also, I added some new tags. Please use them in future. You may also go back to your old entries and add additional tags to them if you wish. Mainly I added some general category tags. I also added a few new character tags. And, previously, there had been top! tags, now there are also bottom! tags, for those of you who are into that. Use of any tags is not mandatory, but it does help people who are searching for a specific thing.

Just one last reminder: There have been a number of off-topic posts in this comm. This comm is for CROSSOVERS between Supernatural characters and RPF characters. Off-topic posts will be deleted and the poster will be notified. If someone repeatedly posts off-topic, they may be banned from making further posts in the comm.

Enjoy your crossover writing and reading! I get happy every time I see a post made in this comm (even though I am seriously behind on my reading *sighsighsigh*). Keep bringing me more Jared/Dean! And keep bringing everyone else their treats, too!
Tags: announcement, art, bottom!dw, bottom!ja, bottom!jdm, bottom!jp, bottom!jw, bottom!sw, challenge, dw, femslash, fiction, gen, het, ja, jdm, jp, jw, meta, other characters, slash, sw, top!dw, top!ja, top!jdm, top!jp, top!jw, top!sw, vid
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