Dreamer (runawaydreamer) wrote in rps_spn_fic,

Fic: All The Troubles In My Mind (They Don't Feel So Bad), Dean/Jensen, NC-17

Title: All The Troubles In My Mind (They Don't Feel So Bad)
Author: Dream Away (runawaydreamer)
Pairing: Dean/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Um. Aside from gratuitous porn with a mind of its own? A bit of pain kink, I'd say.
Spoilers: Seasons 1 through 3.
Word Count: 19,000+
Summary: Well, it was bound to be fun if Dean and Jensen ever crossed paths.

Disclaimer: I write fic using characters and concepts created by the marvelous bloody geniuses of the world. I'm not profiting from these endeavours except in love, people. Love meee! Also, Jensen may be banging Dean, but it's probably just my imagination, yeah?
Author's Notes: Title from 'Yippiyo-ay' by The Presets. I should point out that I took serious liberties with the RL timeline, messed about with Jensen's goings on and the schedule of SPN filming, etc. But the SPN canon timeline stays the same.

Part 1   |   Part 2a   |   Part 2b   (COMPLETE)
Tags: bottom!ja, dw, ja, top!dw
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